Lord, let Thy salvation shine forth from Mount Zion, as a lamp that burneth. May the light thereof, be for hope and guidance for the poor and needy pilgrims who sojourn upon the Earth. Though oft it seemeth, Thy sacred person is hid from our view, Thy salvation is ever near, yea, within our hearts, telling us of Thy sweet presence and the pure righteousness of Thy Holy One. Lord, let the gospel of Thy Son Jesus, sound forth the praise of Himself, and the glory of Thee, The Thrice Holy God.   Amen








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No Condemnation Now  


Elder Mark D. Rowell
Morning Thoughts Terminology Elder Philip Conley
Purpose of the Gospel Brother Royce Ellis (Assoc. Editor)
A Pestilent Fellow Elder Mark Green
Christ's Kingdom Elder Robert Willis (dec)
Who Accepted Who Elder John (Pat) Young (Editor)
Order of the NT Church Elder Hulan F. Bass
In Love of the Brethren Elder Truman B. Keel  (dec)
Choose Words Carefully Elder Robert Willis (dec)
Jesus, Righteous Man Elder John (Pat) Young (Editor)
Morning Thoughts Hebrews 11:4 Elder Philip Conley


A Little Humor


Weather ReportSimple cartoon drawing of an elderly, slightly overweight man wearing glasses and suspenders, looking up to the sky