Five "Thoughs" in 1 Cor. 13:1-3


Elder John (Pat) Young - Editor

In the beginning of the “Love Chapter” (which, so called, is 1 Corinthians ch 13); the apostle Paul speaks first of himself, as an example relative to charity (which is the active love of God) in himself, in the Corinthians and every child of God, with a desire to serve our Lord and His people, for whom he is setting himself as an example, by speaking of himself first.

As we attempt to shine some light on these five “thoughs” in this passage of Scripture, we hope to share them, making what Paul said more relative and applicable in the lives of all those who seek the truth.

“Though” here means, “the placing of condition(s) in order to.

Paul sets himself here in the position of being an apostle of Christ, with power and/or ability to: Speak with the tongues of men and angels; possess the gift of prophecy, and understanding of all things; having of all faith, even to the moving of mountains; giving all his goods to feed the poor; and even giving his body to be burned! All this power and ability in Christ, as an apostle. With the authority of such office being set in perspective, there is one condition, in which all that might be done successfully: “Charity.”

Charity is the love of God at work in His people, making them know the liberty they have in Christ by the Spirit; always leading us, in what to do; and how it must be done in Charity: Else the work can have no value in the service of God; not even by the apostle Paul, who freely says as much.

As we run the race of the faithful in Christ; let us always remember what Paul has taught us in these three verses: We are not apostles of the Lord, and we have no power to speak with the tongues of men and angels; we cannot prophesy, but from the words given in God's Word, we cannot speak great truths we do not know, except the Spirit guide us in the truth; and we have not great faith, but in the fruit, and guidance of the Spirit of God!

However, we have abiding in us, faith, hope, and charity, the great gift of God's guiding and merciful love, which helps us minister to His children, as He so kindly has cared for us.