Salute One Another


Elder Robert Willis (dec)


Romans 16:16 “Salute one another with an holy kiss. The churches of Christ salute you.”

Used some 46 times in scripture, the word “Salute” means to “greet or give a salutation to another.” The Apostle Paul used the word in verse 16 of Romans 16 in referring to how we are to greet one another in an honorable and godly way and with much respect. This was to be done at times by sharing a holy kiss. This kiss would not be on the lips as between a man and a wife, but rather on the cheek. There are still cultures in the world that practice this type of respectful greeting. There is nothing vulgar or sinful meant by this type of greeting. Even the churches were to “salute” those whom Paul was writing to in order for them to know they were being greeted with respect (this greeting was not a physical kiss on the cheek), but rather a decent honoring of those they were coming in contact with.

Most churches I have visited over the years “Saluted” me when I arrived by a heart felt welcome. Words like “We are glad you are here” and “If you need anything while with us, just let us know” also including simple greetings like a handshake and “Good morning.”


What a blessing to attend a church where we are greeted with an “holy kiss,” meaning an outpouring of godly love, kindness, and sincerity. There are churches where this is not the case and it is a shame on the cause of Christ. We have so much to rejoice about and should be willing to share our joy with those who come to visit. One of the worse things that could happen is to attend a church and NOBODY “Salutes” you while you are there. May God bless us all to greet our brothers and sisters as the Lord intends, with a “holy kiss” (godly greeting).