A Few Godly Attributes of Abraham


Elder Robert Willis (dec)

All of us have those things about us which make us who we are. A persons attributes are those things such as our character, specific traits we have, and features which make us recognizable to others. Abraham was a man of many attributes, too numerous to mention perhaps, yet most are noteworthy.


In Genesis 18 we find a rendering of the LORD visiting with Abraham and eventually telling him that “Sarah thy wife shall have a son” (vs. 10). In Genesis 18:2, Abraham exhibits the first attribute we will notice in this chapter. As he lifts up his eyes from the tent door in which he was sitting, he saw three men standing (one of them the Lord) and he ran to meet them. Any time the Lord sees fit to pay us a visit, we should be ready to run to meet Him (“be not slothful" - Hebrews 6:12). Notice this point! It was the heat of the day and yet Abraham at his advancing age, ran to meet the Lord. That is what I call being a faithful servant.


Next, pay attention to what Abraham did when he met them. He “bowed himself toward the ground” (Gen. 18:2). The Lord is always to be shown respect and reverence. Failing to do so is a mockery to the very one who saved us from our sins.


In verse 3 he asks the LORD to “pass not away”; meaning Abraham desired to be with the Lord and wanted Him to not leave his presence. What a great attribute to have. A godly desire to dwell with our Savior and to have the opportunity to be hospitable, which is a wonderful attribute within itself.


Abraham will now do that which many of God’s children are unwilling to do and that is to be a faithful “servant” of the Lord. He wanted to give them a cup of cool water, wash their feet which would refresh them, and desired they rest under a tree (indicated he had compassion for them as they traveled).

He continues to prove that other attributes abode in him as he sought to “fetch” them a morsel of bread, and then comfort them in any way that he could, even having a young calf (the best he could provide) killed and dressed. Now comes “butter, and milk, and the calf” which he readily sets before them and stood by ready to do whatever may be required of him. What a true and faithful servant of the Lord.


Please notice what Abraham did which we all need to pay attention closely; he stood by quietly under the tree with them as they did eat. My, how respectful Abraham was to not bother them with unsolicited chit-chat. Nor did Abraham grab his cell phone from his trousers and start texting while they ate. How rude it is to text while company is sitting at your table eating at your home or out under a tree. No cost for that comment.


In conclusion, we must see Abraham as the Lord saw him for He knew Abraham’s heart, being the Lord was the one who gave him a heart of understanding. Notice what the Lord said, “ For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him” (Genesis 18:19).

In verse 16 through 23, we find Abraham in conversation with the Lord concerning the welfare of others. Abraham knew that Sodom was a wicked place, and yet he had compassion on those who may have been godly; of which were faithful to God though he himself did not know how many saints dwelled there.


“The LORD went his way, as soon as he had left communing with Abraham: and Abraham returned unto his place” (Gen. 18:23). Chapter 18 of Genesis provides a number of godly attributes of Abraham, one of which is that Abraham never questioned the LORD concerning why he was destroying Sodom, but rather again showed compassion for the sanctity of life; which is far more than many have for life in our society. Perhaps it would be good if we consider these things.