The Hidden Child

[From Remarkable Providences. Compiled by Elder R. H. Pittman in 1940]


From The Primitive Baptist, Christian Pathway, Gospel Appeal, Elder Mark Green Editor, January, 2020 Issue

There is no earthly affection so devoted, steadfast, patient, pure and true as that which glows within a mother's heart, says Mr. H. I. Hastings in his "Readings for Leisure Moments." One of the most touching accounts of maternal affection which we have heard was related by Mr. Norman McLeod, of Scotland, in an address delivered in Glasgow.


He said that one cold day in winter a Scottish mother was obliged to cross a bleak mountain with her infant son in her aims. As she ascended the heights the weather grew very cold, and she began to fear that both she and her babe would freeze to death. She resolved to save the child if possible, and so she took her shawl and wrapped it round the little boy, and laid him snugly in a cleft in a rock, where the chilling blasts could not disturb him. The night wore away: the poor woman grew numb and cold and stupid, and at last lay down and slept; and in the morning she was found, frozen stiff and dead; while her little boy was warm and well and sweetly sleeping in the rocky cleft where a tender mother's hands had laid him down.


Such is a mother's love. But how soon this love exhausts its source! This mother loved her child better than her life; but then she could do no more for him, and was forced to leave him to the mercies of a cold and stormy world. But God's love outlasts a mother's; God's pity never fails. And though the loving Christ died for sinners, yet He lives again, and lives to love them still.


When Mr. McLeod had related this truthful narrative, an old soldier came forward with tears in his eyes, and said, "That was my mother. She died to save my life. She hid me in the cleft of the rock. I love her, and I hope that I love my Saviour, who, when I was in danger of dying the second death, said to me, 'I will put thee in the cleft of the rock and will cover thee.'