Morning Thoughts on Micah 6:8


Elder Phillip N. Conley

Micah 6:8, "He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good: and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?"

This morning, we live in a world that is walking about in blindness and darkness. Many of God's people are walking around blind, and their behavior shows a lack of regard for the beauty of Zion. However, the Lord cannot be blamed for this darkness, for He has showed us time and time again what our purpose is in life. Not only has He showed the purpose, but He has shown the motivation as well. Many people that hear the true gospel message do not much care for it, since  nit points out that they could do nothing, and God did everything. It is a bitter pill for our pride to wallow when the Lord blesses a man to preach in demonstration of the Spirit and power that no good thing would we have ever  done had not the Lord rescued us from our depraved, dead condition.

Micah has been building throughout the book showing the people that they have been walking in paths not pleasing to their Heavenly Father. In the passages directly before this verse, there is a promise made of the Deliverer that will come from Bethlehem to redeem His people from the curse of the law. Now, knowing the goodness of the Lord, there is something to be done. In some recent conversations, I have had people tell me that our doctrine is "foolish and ridiculous." They believe that if the Lord had done it all the preaching and confession is of no avail. The problem with their reasoning that they fail to comprehend is that without Him we could do nothing at all. However, He has showed us His goodness.   He has revealed the Perfect One  that lived the perfect life, offered the  perfect sacrifice, and rose victorious over death to give the blessed hope that we will one day behold the Lord's face in righteousness.

So, knowing this, what is our requirement? We are to do justly. This commandment goes beyond telling the truth. To speak the truth for the wrong reason or with the wrong spirit defeats the purpose. We could speak the truth with the tongues of angels, but without charity, it means nothing. So, to be just in our speaking and actions requires that we be found faithful in not just the letter of the matter but in the spirit of it as well. When a man "confesses" Jesus Christ to get something out of Him, then the confession is of no avail since it is done for the wrong reason. But, when confession and repentance is done out of gratitude and love for the One that loves us even though we fail, then it is that we are doing justly. We are commanded to love mercy. Many folks fail in the regard of forgiving their brother when he falls short. Even though we have the knowledge that Christ forgives us, sometimes we do not utilize that knowledge in our actions to our brethren. Christ loved us when we were unlovable. He shewed mercy unto us, and our example is such that we should be merciful unto our brethren.

Finally, we are commanded to walk humbly with our God. To walk with Him requires that we be agreed. Can two walk together if they are not in agreement? The Holy Scriptures declare this impossible, so if our stubborn will is in the way of our service, our walk with God is only outwardly. If someone comes to church out of duty (and for no other reason), the walk is not profitable for it requires that we be there for the right reason. To give of our time, service, and money in the right spirit means that we must be cheerful about it. Christ was the only One that could have justly cried out for being reviled (for He is without iniquity). However, He did not even open His mouth against those that brought false accusation against Him. Therefore, our humbleness should be that whatever He requires of us we do cheerfully and without  grudging. Lastly, to walk humbly with HIM means that He alone is front and center. He does not give or share His glory with another, and therefore, our service needs to not only be to Him but ONLY to Him. We cannot serve God and mammon, and our walk of humility in this life is for One and only One. May we ever keep these sayings close to us, and remember that He has showed this life is for One and only One. May we ever keep these sayings close to us, and remember that He has showed us what is good. So, what a great thing is it to do His bidding?