Zion's Lamp
The purpose of Zionís Lamp, is to publish articles of doctrinal and informational interest, which are beneficial to the cause of Christ, and for the edification of Godís great people: To be true to our Lordís commands, and to His apostlesí inspired teachings, while also remaining true to the walk of the historical Church.
Editors Note
May the zeal for truth, and the desire toward the edification of Godís people, be born out in the material printed within the pages of Zionís Lamp. May the desire to contend earnestly, for the faith once delivered to the saints, be done with the steadfastness, and spirit of charity, that have historically been characteristic of the Primitive Baptist Church. And, may manifest tokens of the old paths, be set forth as ďapples of gold in pictures of silver,Ē in the writings contained herein. Editor