Considering the Spirit


Elder Hulan Bass


Much has been written concerning the HOLY SPIRIT and the HOLY GHOST, among our brethren.  In a nut shell, I will state that the HOLY SPIRIT is one, yet has TWO FUNCTIONS, and wears TWO HATS.

    1. The Holy Spirit CREATES.
    2. The Holy Ghost CULTIVATES.

The first function CAUSES initially, and the second function is a SECOND CAUSE as a RESULT or EFFECT of the first.

The Holy Spirit has never CREATED a new creature (New Birth - Regeneration (2nd Cor. 5:17) and then ran off on other assignments and left the new born babe untended in the open field. It stays on the scene forever - cultivating, soothing, comforting, nourishing with Spiritual Food for maintenance and sustenance, caring and edifying, teaching, instructing and causing GROWTH - 1st Peter 2:2.

All this discussion obviously started over JUST WHO and HOW and WHAT PROCEDURE, in detail, was implemented by God in "opening Lydia's heart." Acts 16:14.


Which operation of the Spirit was first, and which was sustained, in Titus 3:5? Was that not first, which was the washing of regeneration, and then the renewing of the Holy Ghost? That work by which the Spirit ever attends the sovereign work of God in His elect.