Through the Ages


Elder R.A. Tindall


Tracing the Church of Christ from His baptism to modern times.

Tracing the path of the true church of God may seem like a maze through history, but study will reveal an unbroken link all the way back to the River Jordan and the baptism of Jesus. It is possible to trace the history of the Primitive Baptists to the time of Christ. Many have undertaken the task and found the route undeniable through recorded histories. Elder R. A. Tindall (deceased) did extensive research on the matter, utilizing numerous volumes to establish verifiable links from today to the time when Christ walked the earth. Here is the chain his study revealed.

  • Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, in AD 26. 

  • John the Apostle was with Jesus and was a member of the first New Testament Church

  • Polycarp was baptized on 12-25-95AD by John the Beloved

  • Tertullian was a member of Partus Church at the foot of the Tiber River, organized 150 AD by Polycarp

  • Teran Church was organized AD 327 by Tertullian from Big Joy Africa.

  • Ponta Fossi Church at the foot of the Alps in France, was organized by Tellestman from Teran Italy, AD 398.

  • Adronicus came from the Ponta Fossi Church

  • Darethea Church was organized 671 AD in Asia Minor by Adronicus

  • Timto Church in Asia Minor was organized by Archer Flavin AD 738 from Darethea Church.

  • Lima Piedmont organized 812 AD by Balcolon, who came from Timto.

  • Lima Piedmont ordained Aaron Arlington in 904 AD.

  • Hilcleft Church (Wales, England) Organized by Aaron Arlington

  • H. Roller, left Hilcleft and was found in Churches of the Philadelphia association.

  • J.W. Jetter came from the churches of the Philadelphia Association.

  • The Baptist Church at Dyersburg, Tennessee was organized by J. W. Jetter


The Baptist Church, at Dyersburg was in existence prior to the division in 1832. At that time in America, there existed only one Baptist line. From the constitution of the earliest Baptists on new shores until 1832, we all held fast to the same doctrines, belief and practice with few and rare exceptions.

Editors Note:

We encourage anyone who reads about the history of the Church of Christ, to remember the following principle (As Elder Tindall did here) when establishing the historical identity of a body of baptized believers, in the Lord Jesus Christ: “The Church of Christ is never identified by the titles or identities which may be assigned by men, no matter how principled they seem to be; for the true Church of Christ declares its identity by her faithful adherence to the Word of God, in all that she believes, teaches and practices.”

Only those who manifest such identity, are the Church of Christ, and the assemblies of such into congregations for worship, are the visible Church of Christ on Earth; not the buildings of brick and mortar, or organizations of church government; but a spiritual kingdom whose government rests upon Christ alone, Who is her King, her Authority, and the Object of the faith once delivered to her by Him in His Holy Word.