Prove There is a God?


Elder Mark Green

From the Primitive Baptist/ Christian Pathway/ Gospel Appeal October 2019

Atheists are constantly challenging us to prove there is a God. They make the assumption, I oppose, that since they cannot see God there must not-be a God; and thus they smugly assume that their challenge cannot be met, as if visibility is the only proof of existence. They cannot see air, and yet they believe air exists.


The truth is that they do not wish to believe in God, and generally when a man does not want to believe something he will not, no matter what evidence is presented to him. He will merely discount the evidence by claiming it is faulty.


The fact of the matter is, of course, that there is an overwhelming abundance of evidence for any man to believe God's existence if he is willing and able to do so. Even apart from grace, pure natural logic should lead any honest person to admit the existence of a Supreme Being. For example, how did the Periodic Table of the Elements come to be? Wasn't it convenient that the nature of the various elements just happened to be such that they would combine in all the different ways that are beneficial to mankind (such as hydrogen and oxygen combining to make water)? Evolution surely is smart!


However, on second thought, why should we have to prove that there is a God? Let them prove that there is not a God. Let them prove (not merely claim) that all the amazing intricacies and beauties of nature just happened to be as they are. Let them prove that the delicate mechanism of the human eye and the matchless beauty of a rose were purely the result of chance. They would have vastly the greater task. They would have an impossible task.